College & Career Center
A brag sheet/information sheet offers you the opportunity to BRAG!!! 

 1. We suggest you use the format provided on the example. We suggest you save the brag sheet sample and questions in a new word document and edit them with your personal information. 

2. We also recommend that you answer the questions provided (typed) and give them to the person writing your letter along with your brag sheet.
3. Once you have completed your Brag Sheet/Senior Information Sheet, follow the Letter of Recommendation Instructions VERY CAREFULLY. You can find them on Naviance under the Document Library tab and on the high school website under College and Career Center. 

All of the information will assist the teachers, coaches, advisors and counselors when they are writing your letters of recommendation. A “good” letter of recommendation may make a difference in your acceptance to a college or your level of competency in a scholarship contest. Therefore take your time to carefully respond to each question. 

When answering the questionnaire, use complete sentences. The more information that you offer to your writer, the better the recommendation letter will be! 

At least two weeks before the due date, give your writer(s) a copy of your brag sheet, a copy of the brag sheet questions, a teacher or counselor form (if one is required by the college) with the list of colleges needing letters of recommendation. Fill out as much of the teacher/counselor form as possible before asking a “writer” to complete the form. 

After the in person request, complete the Naviance letter of recommendation request to your teacher and counselor. 

 *For the few schools that may accept only paper, please see the CCC for further directions. 

Be sure to write a thank you note to each writer after the process is completed. 

 Please download the files below: