Mira Costa High School

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About the PTSA


The PTSA’s goal is to gain more participation from Parents, Teachers and Students. PTSA isnt just about fundraising; its about getting involved for our children. We all share the same goal of helping our children succeed.  Help us achieve our goal by creating a spirited environment and providing our children with a  high school experience they will remember for a lifetime to come. In order for this to happen, we are asking for a commitment from our parents. Please support the PTSA this year and encourage all Mira Costa families to be part of this movement as well.
Your PTSA Dollars at Work: The Mira Costa PTSA provides a great deal of support to Mira Costa and is crucial to the quality education our students receive. Your generous donations and countless volunteer hours go toward the following (click for video):
  • School and Classroom Supplies
  • Technology (PC’s, Printers, Projectors, Teacher iPads, etc.)
  • After-School Library Supervision for Studying and Student Tutoring
  • Mira Costa High School Website and weekly Mustang Newsletter
  • College and Career Center Website Hosting
  • Naviance Platform to help students identify and apply to their appropriate colleges
  • Staff Appreciation (Back to School Lunch, Staff Appreciation Breakfast, etc.)
  • Staff Development
  • Teacher-Requested Curriculum Grants
  • Twice Yearly Honor Roll Recognition In-N-Out Lunches
  • Three Yearly Student Recognition Awards
  • Senior Service Scholarships
  • Reflections Art/Music Contest
  • Scholar Quiz
  • Senior Breakfast 
  • Pride Day and Other Campus Improvement Projects
  • Book Fair
  • Back to School and Test Registration Volunteers
  • Advocacy work with our State Government