Mira Costa High School

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Congratulations Ms. Claypoole, Saint Mary's Teacher of Impact award winner!

Congratulations to Ms. Lisa Claypoole as being selected as a recipient for the first annual Saint Mary's College Teacher of Impact Award. She was nominated by a former Mira Costa student.

Saint Mary's College established the Teacher of Impact Award to recognize the remarkable difference that a single teacher can make in the lives of his or her students. It is particularly fitting to initiate this award in 2019, the 300th anniversary of the passing of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers and founder of the Christian Brothers order, whose members have taught millions of students around the world over the past 300 years. Globally, we are pausing to celebrate the Lasallian commitment to provide transformative education for all.

In fulfillment of this task, students at Saint Mary's College were asked to nominate the teacher from their high school who changed their life, helped to shape their world view, and inspired them to become their best self. Lisa Claypoole was selected because Daniel Ramos' life was positively impacted by this teacher's unwavering commitment, dedication, and support.

Congratulations again to Lisa Claypoole on receiving this important recognition and impacting the lives of Mira Costa students that is worthy of celebration!