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Spring Semester AP Exams

Hello Mustang Families,

**Most of you already purchased your student's AP Exams in the Fall and need to do nothing at this time. This information only pertains to single-semester only classes for Spring 2020.**

If your child enrolled in AP Human Geography, AP Microeconomics, or AP Government during Spring Semester, OR if your child newly transferred to Mira Costa High School starting Spring semester of 2020, the window to purchase AP Spring exams is now open and will close on February 25th. These AP exams are $99 each. To purchase one or more of these exams, you need to first make sure your child has joined the course through the College Board website. Your child would have done this in their AP class. If your child needs assistance with this, please have him/her see Mrs. Grings or Mrs. Berkes in the Main Office.

Once the student has joined on College Board, students and families can go online using this link:


If you are paying online, you will need to register for an account or log into a pre-existing account using the link above. You can pay online through the ASB webstore anytime between NOW and February 25th. You can also pay in-person at the ASB Store on campus during Snack and Lunch between NOW and February 25th.

Late Purchasing:

From Wednesday, February 26th and Thursday, February 27th students may purchase Spring-semester AP Human Geography, AP Microeconomics, or AP US Government AP Exams for an additional $15 per exam, totaling $114 each.

No Refunds, No Exceptions:

Students will not be allowed to sign up to take the AP exam after the purchasing window closes for any reason. No exceptions. Also, because we have to order exams immediately, there are no refunds on AP Exams for any reasons, no exceptions. While you may see late-registration dates posted on College Board with additional fees associated, Mira Costa will not be accepting any payments past the final February 27th deadline. We have to consider test-day logistics and will not be partaking in late exam fees. If your child pays for the AP and decides not to take it, we will use the funds to pay the unused exam fee. You will not, under any circumstances, get a refund.

Streamlined Process:

Because your child will register on College Board using the join code given by the teacher, AP ID labels will now connect students to exam materials, and significantly reduce the time spent on filling out student information before the exam. Also, pre-administration sessions will completely be eliminated, and students will receive personalized registration labels called AP ID labels on exam day in their assigned testing room.