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ASB Student Government Elections

2020-2021 Election Results Mira Costa High School
ASB Student Government Officers

Thanks to all 39 candidates who campaigned to be a member of 2020-2021 ASB Student Government. In this unique time in history, competing only on social media was surely difficult. For that reason, all of the candidates deserve recognition and commendation. Hopefully, next year’s campaign will be back to normal – on the campus and in person.

Congratulations to the following Election Winners:

ASB Student Body President 
Zach Wohl

ASB Student Body Vice-President
Joe Staszkow

ASB Student Body Treasurer
Chaz Wedbush

ASB Student Body Secretary
Natalie Lynch

Class of 2021 President
JB Revell

Class of 2021 Vice-President
Izzy DiPrizito

Class of 2021 Secretary/Treasurer
Erin King

Class of 2022 President
Clay Gerrans

Class of 2022 Vice-President
Sydney Thatch

Class of 2022 Secretary/Treasurer
Billy Mattis

Class of 2023 President
Reece Riley

Class of 2023 Vice-President
Dylan Okamoto

Class of 2023 Secretary/Treasurer
Tyler Tang