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Successful ASB Blood Drive!


Yesterday’s Mira Costa BLOOD DRIVE at the Clark building was a tremendous success.

Last May, we had our Blood Drive – even though we were not in school. Our goal was 25 units and we were very successful having 34 units, all while social distancing at the Clark Building in Hermosa Beach.

Our first blood drive of the year was yesterday 9/23/20 and our goal was 35 units.

ASB Student Government signed up friends and family members and the PTSA posted the sign-up link in their weekly newsletter. Everyone came through and we had an extraordinary day:

We more than doubled our goal and collected 72 Units – that’s a lot of life saving!!!

Mira Costa High School has had the most successful blood drive for UCLA Blood Services since the start of the COVID-19 Crisis in March!!!

So, thanks to all of the Student Government members who signed people up.
Thanks to the PTSA volunteers who helped publicize and the many parents and friends of Costa who came and donated yesterday. 😊

Super Kudos goes to the Parent/Student Double Donor Teams:

The Antrobius Family, The Conley Family, The Jonas Family, The Revell Family & The Thatch Family