Mira Costa High School

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Mandatory AP/Honors Course Previews

Presentations about the course expectations for AP and Honors courses are being held over the next few weeks during lunch. If you are interested in taking any AP or Honors course you must attend the meeting for that course. The following is a list of dates for all of the course's presentations:

Tuesday, February 8th: AP Spanish - Room 47
Thursday, February 10th: AP Studio Art - Room 116
Monday, February 14th: AP English - Auditorium
Tuesday, February 15th: AP Statistics - Auditorium
Wed., Feb. 16th:
  • AP Gov/Econ: Auditorium
  • AP US History: Rm. 200
  • AP Euro History: Rm. 205
Thursday, February 17th: AP Calculus AB and Calculus BC - Auditorium
Friday, February 18th: AP French - Room 206
Monday, February 28th: AP Art History - Room 120
Tuesday, March 1st: AP Biology - Auditorium
Wednesday, March 2nd: AP Physics - Room 74
Thursday, March 3rd: AP Environmental Science - Room 65
Friday, March 4th: AP Music Theory - Room 2
For information regarding AP and Honors Chemistry, please contact Mrs. Shales-Clark or Mr. Bartlett.