Mira Costa High School

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Rotary Solo Music Competition Finalists and Prize Winners

Our finalists and prize winners are:


Angelique Angelastro – clarinet, 3rd place Lower Division Winds/Percussion

Emily Angstreich – flute, 2nd place Lower Division Winds/Percussion

Moses Aubrey – double bass, 1st place-tie Upper Division Strings

Shubhayu Bhattacharyay – violin

Christina Chong – violin, 3rd place Lower Division Strings

Danica Chong – cello

Leonard Chong – violin, 1st place-tie Upper Division Strings

William Henderson – clarinet, 1st place Lower Division Winds/Percussion

Zain Khalifeh – violin, 3rd place Upper Division Strings

Audrey Kim – violin

Matt Kordonsky – marimba, 3rd place Upper Division Winds/Percussion

Ryan Kuroyama – tuba

Eric Liu – clarinet, 1st place Upper Division Winds/Percussion

Jasmine Noh – harp, 1st place Lower Division Strings

Wendy Roble – cello, 2nd place Lower Division Strings

Lauren Schlick – flute

Sean Syed – alto saxophone

Steven Tse – viola

Tanner Yamada – flute, 2nd place Upper Division Winds/Percussion

Adrian Yu – bassoon

Briana Zukotynski – violin