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New Student Enrollment 2018-19

New Student Enrollment


Welcome to the MCHS family! We are thrilled to be your partners as your child embarks upon what will be a rich and exciting educational and developmental experience at Mira Costa High School.  We want to help make the first steps in this process as easy as possible, so we are providing the following step-by-step information regarding how to get started.

New student enrollment for students residing in Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach is done BY APPOINTMENT for grades 10th – 12th.  Beginning April 16th, please call the Mira Costa Office at (310) 318-7337 ext 5020, 5017, 5077 or 5026 for information and to set up an appointment for parent and student to meet with a guidance counselor to select classes.

Incoming 9th grade students do not require an appointment.

For students applying on permit, please see “Permit Application Process” on the Mira Costa website.

  1. Beginning March 1, 2018, complete the Aeries online enrollment form at https://www.mbusd.org/apps/pages/enrollment. Please be prepared to complete information regarding but not limited to, emergency contacts, allergies, etc. It is important that the information submitted be accurate and complete, as this data will be uploaded into our student information system and will become part of your child’s permanent record. Print and sign a copy of your completed on-line enrollment form.
  2. Once you have completed the online enrollment form, please bring your copy of the online enrollment form and all required enrollment documents to the Mira Costa High School administration office. All required enrollment documents can be found below with a checklist to ensure completion.
Thank you very much!  We look forward to having your child join us in the 2018-19 school year!