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Traditionally, MUN has three fundraisers every school year in the fall. This schedule is due both to the nature of the fundraisers (i.e. Hometown Fair in October and Poinsettias for the holidays) and also to allow for students to earn travel funds as early in the year as possible. The three fundraisers are noted below. Additional opportunities are being reviewed for other times.

Hometown Fair
MUN Students and Boosters host a booth (i.e. goldfish game) at the MB Hometown Fair. The event is led by two volunteer Chairpersons who report to the Booster Club Board and VP of Volunteers. They will use the MUN e-blasts and online sign-ups to recruit volunteers to staff this event. Both participating parents and students earn funds to add to their student's account.

Poinsettia Sales
Typically, the MUN poinsettias go on sale in October for a 2 to 3 week period. We sell both white and red poinsettias. The students are provided order forms to complete as they sell poinsettias to friends, family, and hopefully, local businesses. All necessary paperwork is then turned in with checks to the chairpersons. Plant pick up, usually on the first week of December, is scheduled and announced via e-blasts and on the website. Students then deliver the plants to their customers. A percentage from the sale of each plant goes to their student accounts. Students often write notes thanking their customers. See current files.
  • Poinsettia Instructions
  • Student-Customer Receipt
  • Sales Record

LAIMUN Conference
Typically held in early December, LAIMUN, is the an acronym for "Los Angeles Invitational Model United Nations Conference." Students will organize and administrate most of the activities at the conference. It's a great opportunity for parent volunteers to observe conference proceedings. Parents will have many opportunities to participate as well:
  • Advisor Room: Staffed by parent volunteers, the Advisor Room is a rest area for advisors who accompany students to the conference. This room offers both a quiet place for advisors to sit, work, and have a bite to eat. Breakfast and lunch are provided by the MUN Boosters.
  • Lunch Supervision: Typically we coordinate with In 'n  Out and other local vendors to provide lunches for student delegates. Parents help by collecting lunch tickets and with food distribution.
  • Snack Stand: We offer snacks for sale to delegates throughput the entire conference. Parents donate items and man the Snack Stand.
  • Student Pizza Party: Pizza and drinks are available for Costa delegates at the end of Day 1 in campus.
  • Tour: Even year, the class sets up a student-run tour of both the MUN program and the conference. Details are shared as the conference approaches.
  • Creating boutonnieres and photography are other volunteer opportunities to support LAIMUN.

Ralph's Club and eScrip
Also known as MUN Easy Money Program, this is the simplest way you can help MUN collect funds. A quick online sign up will allow MUN to receive a percentage of your purchases. We will send out reminders to re-register every fall.

Restaurant Nights
Various restaurants have partnered with MUN throughout the school year, pledging to donate a percentage of their sales on specific dates, as long as customers identify themselves as part of MUN.

About Expenses
We understand that travel expenses can be costly. We attempt to provide opportunities for students to fundraiser to offset costs through participation in activities described above. However, should you require financial assistance, please speak with an advisor.