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Traditionally, MUN holds three fundraisers each school year during the fall semester. This schedule is due both to the nature of the fundraisers (i.e. Hometown Fair in October and Poinsettias for the holidays) and also to allow for students to earn travel funds as early in the year as possible. These fundraisers are:

Depending on the year, MUN hosts a game or water booth, or staffs the Beer Garden at the MB Hometown Fair. This fun event is led by a volunteer Chair and Committee who help coordinate the booth and secure parent and student volunteers to work specified shifts during the weekend. Parents and students may earn funds for their student travel account by working shifts at the Fair. The majority of funds earned are split among those who work, a small amount of the proceeds goes to the MUN general fund to cover any expenses incurred.

MUN poinsettias go on sale toward the end of October for a 2 to 3 week period. A volunteer Chair(s) will distribute poinsettia packets to students containing all sales information and order forms. We encourage students to sell poinsettias to friends, family, neighbors, coaches, local businesses, etc. The more they sell, the more money they earn for their student travel accounts. Typically, depending on grower costs any given year, students earn approximately $6 per poinsettia sold. Poinsettias arrive the first Saturday in December and students/parents are responsible for picking up their orders from Mira Costa and delivering the plants to their customers. You may also find the Poinsettia Instructions, Sales Record form, and Customer Receipt form linked to the right.

Mira Costa Model UN hosts the LAIMUN conference the first weekend of December every year. LAIMUN stands for Los Angeles Invitational Model United Nations Conference. MUN students organize and administrate the conference, which is typically attended by more than 1,000 student delegates from more than a dozen local high schools. LAIMUN provides a great opportunity for parent volunteers to observe a MUN conference. Many parent volunteers are needed throughout LAIMUN weekend to assist with the following:
  • Advisor Room: The advisor room is a rest area for advisors who accompany students to the conference to sit, work, and have a bite to eat. The MUN Boosters provide breakfast and lunch for the advisors each day through parent food item donations.
  • Lunch Supervision: As hosts of the conference, the MUN Boosters are responsible for providing lunches for the student delegates. Parents help by collecting lunch tickets and distributing food.
  • Snack Stand: We offer snacks for sale to the delegates throughout the conference. Parents donate snack items and work shifts throughout the weekend.
  • Awards Party: The MUN Boosters provide a celebratory meal or treat to MUN student staff and advisors on Saturday afternoon. Parents volunteers are needed to coordinate this party.
  • For descriptions of other LAIMUN volunteer opportunities, like boutonnieres and photography, please see the Volunteer Form in the registration documents or click on the Volunteering link in the sidebar.
In addition to our traditional fundraisers, we also offer the following:

Restaurant Fundraisers
The Booster Club will plan and organize bi-monthly fundraisers with local restaurants who donate anywhere from 15%-30% of their profits from our group's sales to our program. This is a great way to take a night off cooking, earn money for our program, and support local businesses! Be sure to provide your current email address in the Registration materials and keep an eye out for our promotional flyers so you don't miss out on these opportunities!

About Expenses
We understand that attending MUN conferences can be costly. We provide these fundraisers to give students an opportunity to offset some of the costs by participating in the fundraisers. However, should you require additional financial assistance, please speak with an advisor. Please note that in order to be considered for financial aide, student (and parent, to the extent possible) participation in the Hometown Fair, Poinsettia Sales, and LAIMUN Conference fundraisers is strongly encouraged.