Mira Costa High School

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Program & Event Chairs

Chair Position Responsible Exec Board Member Individual(s)
8th Grade MCHS Events
 Community Outreach
 Robyn St. Germain
 Sue Antrobius
AP Registration / Monitoring
 Stephanie Mibu
 Cathey Graves
ASB Liaison
 Tracie Haber
Back to School Luncheon  President  Kim Weller
Campus Beautification/Pride Day
 Michelle Anderson
College & Career Center Liason  Volunteers  Leslie Whittet
Community Fundraising
 Ways & Means
 Atra Shahryari
Directory  Membership  Marcie Cullen 
Families Connected  Programs  Lisa Hardimon
 Ashley Osterkamp
 Mary Mullenhoff
Grades of Green  Programs
 Juliette Denium
 Carolyn Mukai
Grants  Ways & Means  Mickie Kingston
Health Office  Volunteers
 Stephanie Mibu
 Cathey Graves
Honor Roll Recognition  Volunteers
 Kelly Kelley
 Susan Lynch
Hospitality  President
 Ann Marie Whittney
 Kristi Knowles
Library Liaison/Textbook Distribution  Volunteers  Kim Kluth
MBEF Rep  President
 Kristi Buckley
Newsletter  Communications  Julie Johnson
Reflections  Programs  Kim Smith
Registration Week
 Heather Meugniot
 Robyn St. Germain
Scholar Quiz
 Laurie Baker
 John Dargan
 Janet Dargan
Senior Breakfast  Programs  Shelly Dale
Skechers Pier to Pier Walk
 Community Outreach
 Sue Antrobius
Staff Appreciation Gift Program  President  Jill Lamkin
Student Recognition  President  Leslie Whittet
Student Emotional Wellness
 Programs  Lisa Hardimon
Summer Mailing
 Kimberley Power
Costa SWAG
 Ways & Means
 Mickie Kingston
Tailgate  Ways & Means  Robyn St. Germain
Teacher Appreciation Week  President  Karen Pattishal
Textbook Distribution & Return  Volunteers  Adrianne Laurita
Website  Communications  Dolly Boden
Year End Teacher Lunch  Programs  Karen Pattishal