Mira Costa High School

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Club Information

Club Name President  Contact Email  Room/Advisor Description
20/20 Vision Club Misley, Holly 21misleyh@mbusdapps.org 232-Qerbash 20/20 Vision works to collect eyeglasses in order to distribute them to those who are less fortunate or unable to afford the eye-care necessary to perfect their vision. Donate today to help someone in need!
3D Modeling & Graphic
Design Club
Katsouleas, Clark meadow2525@gmail.com 116-Braskin  
Acceptance Starts Here Club Pickard, Laura  lpickard123@gmail.com 102-Valbuena   
Actin' in Film and TV Club Tobis, Travers traverstobis@gmail.com 220-Uhalt   
Animal Outreach Club Molinari, Kate  katemolinari106@gmail.com 21-Wheeler   
Art Outreach Club Park, Natalee  nataleeparkie@gmail.com 21-Wheeler   
Art Unleashed Club Clough, Emma emmacloughh@gmail.com 207-Vaughan  
Artist Society Club
Kloes, Cristian
Camacho, Chrisanto 
Asian American Club
Crounse, Chloe
Yip, Jada 
mchsasianamericanclub@gmail.com 48-Chang   
ASL Club Weissenberg, Madeline  smileymrw@gmail.com 74-Hillman  
Baja Club Skinner, Erica  skinner@hotmail.com 77-Romero   
Bay Medical Club Nguyen, Kevin nguyenkevin763@gmail.com 54-Cook   
Beach Pickup Club Shapiro, Adam  adamshap22@gmail.com 54-Cook  
Bioethics Club Kim, Chloe/ Stone, Kate  chloekim2020@gmail.com 342-Nodado  
Buddy Bowl Club Driscoll, Henry  henrydriscoll02@gmail.com 19-Houterman  
Business Info Management Club  Steward, Jane janeyks3@gmail.com 238-Kurz  
Care Packages for Love Club Fiorito, Lucia  21fioritol@mbusdapps.org 238-Kurz  
Chemistry Club
Chandurkar, Mallika
Wickramarachchi, Upuli
331-Nodado Chemistry club conducts science-based volunteer events and field-trips
Chess Club
Greenberg, Eathan
Dargan, Xavier
Hugh, Victor
    Chess club is the place for anyone interested in playing chess, learning chess, or improving their skills. All levels are welcome. 
Children of War Foundation Club
Wianecki, Katrina
Shams, Tolou
Citizens Climate Lobby Club Lindberg, Kate katelindberg12@gmail.com 101-McAvin Works to raise awareness about climate change and encourage students to take action in their own community and government. We work in partnership with citizens climate Lobby/Education. 
Climate Change Club Wickramarachchi, Upuli  upuliwickramarachchi@gmail.com 350-Hearn  Focuses on maintaining environmental sustainability on local level with community and school initiatives
Comic Club  Yamamoto, Nick nickiyamamoto@gmail.com 108-Hernandez Students who are interested in comics comic related media can meet and discuss their shared interests. 
Competitive Coding Club
Kirk, Aaron
Zhu, Isamar
kirk@gmail.com/isamar.zhu@gmail.com 116-Braskin Learn how to code and develop your skills with the competitive coding club. We do multiple competitions throughout the year. All levels are welcome! Our meetings will be during PM office hours on Wednesday.
Console Gaming Club Nielhoff, Ian  iannielhoff@gmail.com 352-Locke   
Contests for Kenya Club
Weller, Max
Parsley, Sammy
Cooking for Charity Club Solnicki, Milla  21solnickim@mbusdapps.org 54-Cook We volunteer at soup kitchens, make food, and hand it out to the homeless. 
Corals for Change Club
Shingles, Chloe
Iantuano, Annie 
22shinglesc@mbusdapps.org/ 22iantuanoa@mbusdapps.org 339-Oystrick Coral Reefs for change is a club designed to educate and raise awareness towards coral reef bleaching and prevention.
Costa Climbers Club Savela, Chase  chasesavela54@gmail.com 20-Huchinson  
Culinary Arts Club Ellis, Ashton ashtonrellis@gmail.com 101-McAvin  
Cultural Foods Club Feng, Kacey  21fengk@mbusdapps.org 14-Brown  Learning and spreading awareness of different cultures through sharing foods of different cultures.
Dance for a Cause Club
Heroux, Grace
Patel, Aashna 
Decor for Dreams Club McGory, Josephine  22mcgoryj@mbusdapps.org 20-Huchinson   
Diversity Club  Miyake, Kobe  happykobe2002@gmail.com 101-Allen  
Dream Team
Bream, Calvin
Bream, Maddy
    Student athletes partner with students with disabilities to participate in sporting activities. Through sporting activities we are able to unite students of all abilities with comoradery. 
Eastern Medicine Club Block, Daniel  danielblock44@gmail.com 352B- Locke Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is an alternative form of medicine that has become more and more popular over recent years. At the Eastern Medicine Club, we explore topics ranging from acupuncture to medicinal herbs and volunteer at eastern medical clinics. 
Environmental Club Millstein, Chloe 22millsteinc@mbusdapps.org 21-Wheeler  
Esports Club
Morales, Mario
Thai, Shali
moramario392@gmail.com/thaishali@gmail.com 331-Gesualdi  
Ethical Eating Club
Nielsen, Toula
Thompson, Sabrina 
Environmental Sustainability Club Kwon, Charlie  charlottehkwon@yahoo.com 21-Wheeler  
Fashion for a Cause Club Donovan, Destiny  destinyburgadonovan@gmail.com 62-Heredia   
Freestyle Vocals Club
Gable, Kaden
Ro, Jonathan
Future of Computer Science Club Meadows, Sage     The Future of Computer Science Club exists to spread knowledge of new innovations in the computer science field, such as AI, machine learning, etc. We also participate in community service activities to help spread the computer science education. 
GALS Club Pappas, Tia  mbtpappas@gmail.com 250-Nielsen  
Gamers Enthusiast League (GEL)
Weisberg, Sydney
Dargan, Xavier 
Library-Sullivan  Gamers Enthusiast League is a place for you if you're interested in board games, card games, or party games! The club takes place on Wednesdays during PM Office Hours. 
Gear 4 Good Rohm Jr, Andrew rohm@gmail.com 101-McAvin  
Gender Sexuality Alliance Club Oliviera, Stephan     A safe space for members and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community to come together and support one another while engaging in activist work for the community. 
Girls in Computer Science Club
Atallah Sofia
Young, Isabella 
Girls of Science Club
Parikh, Karina
Parikh, Aleena
Global Teen Force Club Cruz, Chloe Nicole  chloenicolecruz530@gmail.com 43-Wachell  
Give Back to Children Project Club   njmicali@gmail.com 352-Locke The GBCP club works with the official non-profit charity called the Give Back to the Children Project. It raises funds for providing technology and computers to children in Sierra Leon, Africa. Our club simply tries to aid in raising funds for the charity, and supplying volunteers for any events the charity runs. 
Grades of Green Club Torres, Samantha samanthatorres2004@gmail.com 231 - Takiguchi An environmental club that works to empower the community to take actions about the environment and participate in international environmental campaigns. 
Guitar N' Bass Club Blanchard, Elijah      
Habitat for Humanity Club Goldstein, Adam adamsamgold@gmail.com 131-Singh   
Harlem Lacrosse Club 
Rosenberg, Jake
Rosenberg, Callie 
rosenbergjr@me.com 242-Collins   
Harmony Club Farrell, Shannon scfarrell13@gmail.com 207-Vaughn  
Harry Potter Book Club  Malik, Kieran  21malikk@mbusdapps.org 15-DiBernardo   
Heart Club  Gebele, Kate  21gebelek@mbusdapps.org 56-Allen  
Hermosa Tortuga Club Welch, Ella  mail@hermosatortuga.com 131-Singh   
Homes of Hope Club Grimes, Chase  chasegrimes1@icloud.com 79-Doyle   
Hope 4 Homeless Club
Farberman, Sarah
Isip, Molly 
sarahfarberman@gmail.com 14-Brown  
Hope for Hygiene Club
Cutler, Malcolm
Driscoll, Henry 
iCare Club Schrnurer, Sofia       
Interact Club Conley, Cia  ciaconley6@gmail.com 242-Collins  
Key Club Le, Kelly     Community service / volunteering club. An international club which raises funds to donate to UNICEF and aims to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT).
Komera Club
Kahn, Sarah
Kiely, Caroline 
Korean Culture Club 
Kim, Chloe
Kim, Hope
Leo Club Bui, Victoria 22buiv@mbusdapps.org 131-Singh  
Me to We Club
Pearman, Sam
Solnicki, Lazlo
Medical Society Lee, Joah 22leej@mbusdapps.org 332-Kelley Medical Society Club is a place to gain insight into a career in medicine and to give back to the medical community.
Music Production Club DaSliva, Victoria  21dasilvav@mbusdapps.org    
Music Club  Brown, Ema emabrown1022@gmail.com 234-Allen  
Organization/Time Management Club Maycon, Skylar  maycon@gmail.com 15-DiBernardo  
Pacific Islander Cultural Association Club Tseng, Livia  liviatseng@gmail.com 220-Uhalt  Pacific Islanders Club is to bring awareness and share the ever-growing culture of the Pacific Islanders to other people. 
Prescription for Happiness Club Smith, Kelleen     Prescriptions for Happiness spreads love, happiness, and holiday cheer to various children and adult patients in local hospitals. We decorate rooms with festive and seasonal decorations for each holiday of the year.
Power of Music Club
Parker, Brenly
Vandemore, Braeden 
Philosophy Club Fry, Matthew     To discuss the human condition and to find the lines of human morality. 
Puerto Rico Relief Club
Gable, Kaden
Gable, Slater
Robotics Club Kirk, Aaron krik@gmail.com 116-Braskin  
S-Club Krigsman, Em-J     S-Club is one of the oldest charted clubs at Mira Costa, which is focused around women's empowerment. Our volunteer opportunities connect member's with their community to help other women. Some projects include breast cancer kits, creating blankets for children's hospitals, and more. 
Save Our Bay Club
Robinson, Hannah
McCoy, Ella
Save the Beach Club Kim, Ryan ryanmonkey88@gmail.com 203-Piper  
Science Olympiad Club
Sheldon, Noelle
Lee, Audrey
Seasonal Giving Club O'Brien, Mia  miaobrn@gmail.com 234-Allen   
Service Outside Costa Club 
Yang, Andrew
Huang, Christian
331-Gesualdi  We provide community service opportunities ranging from tutoring at the middle school to beach cleanups. Additionally we hold fundraisers with all proceeds going to an organization at the end of the school year. 
Smiles for Seniors Club 
Clarke, Emma
Arensdorf, Livy 
eec2002@gmail.com 79-Doyle  Visits senior citizens in both assisted living and their homes. We plan holiday celebrations, paint their nails, and produce much needed company. Our work leaves a smile on their faces and will definitely leave you with a smile as well!
SoLa Surfs Club  Zawacki, Zach  zachzawaki2021@gmail.com 331-Gesualdi We take South Los Angeles, under represented, kids to the beach. We teach them to surf and play volleyball, and enjoy the beach. All of them have never been to the beach, despite living 20 minutes away. our goal is to give them a beach day to remember. 
South Bay Food Initiative  Rossow, Ryan  rossowryan2002@gmail.com 203-Piper  
Spanish Tutoring Club Roca, Valentina  22rocav@mbusdapps.org 205-Caine  
Speech and Debate Competition Club Green, Luke  lukecgreen@outlook.com 48-Pao   
Sports Statistics & Analytics Club  Crawford, John jackcrawford316@gmail.com 131-Singh   
Supply Success Club
Driscoll, Madeleine
Fabrizio, Maya
info@supplysuccess.org 76-Hands A non-profit organization which aims to get school supplies to teachers and students at low income schools in LAUSD.
Support our Students Club Stevens,Piper  piperstevensmb@gmail.com 242-Allen We make cards and care packages for chronically ill or injured Mira Costa Students. 
Surfrider Club Stavropoulos, Teddy teddystavropoulos@gmail.com    
Surfrider Foundation Club  Campbell, Owen  21campbello@mbusdapps.org 342-Nodado  
Sustainable Living Club 
Ryang, Noah
Hernandez, Maya
Talk About It Club Dupin, Ariel  23dupindesaintcyra@mbusdapps.org 230-Qerbash   
Together We Tutor Club
Katsouleas, Katerina
Burgos, Paloma
Touch a Life Club Soma, Eshaan eshaansoma032503@gmail.com 332-Kelley We support Touch A life Foundation, an organization that raises money to provide education for underprivaleged children in Ghana. We do fundraisers and other things to raise money that can be utilized by the foundation. 
Tribe Club
Ghosh Choudhuri, Priyanka
Kahn, Sarah
Unification Club Jester, Lauren jesterlauren@gmail.com 250-Nielsen  
Uno Club Whalen, Ryan  whalen2020@gmail.com 45-Cabrera  
Young Activists Club
Johnson, Lydia
Ryang, Noah 
Young Investors Club
Boos, Daniel
Mibu, Ethan
Youth of Uganda Club
Syed, Summer
McAndrews, Allie
UNICEF Gerrans, Clay  22gerransc@mbusdapps.org 205-Caine  Organize separate fundraisers in order to help kids in need. 
Cybersecurity  Brown, Dexter    
The Cybersecurity Club aims to educate and promote cybersecurity and technology education through competitions and games.