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Ms Rossell has been involved in Education since 1991 and brings 24 years of teaching experience to Mira Costa High School. She holds a B.A. an M.A. degree in Linguistics (TESOL) with a minor in Spanish from California State University Northridge. She has also participated in numerous language workshops and consortiums at various higher learning institutions such as the University of California at Davis. Ms. Rossell has taught an array of courses throughout the years such as AP Spanish Literature, Language and Culture and ELL/SDAIE Instruction and Support. She has also been involved in the instruction and the development of curriculum designed primarily for Spanish Heritage Speakers.


 Prior to relocating to the Southbay in 2000, Ms. Rossell collaborated with other educators in the implementation of Newcomer Programs offered in Ventura County and designed for newly arrived immigrant students. In 2008-2009 She accepted a temporary teaching assignment at California State University at both the Northridge and Channel Island campus and taught linguistic courses to candidates enrolled in the P.A.C.E. Teaching Credential Program. Ms. Rossell has enjoyed sharing her passion for language, literature and culture with her students and believes that acquiring another language can be a fulfilling and an enjoyable experience and that anyone can acquire another language given the appropriate guidance and instruction. She has incorporated cooperative learning, language games, TPR, dictation, error analysis, literacy, dialogue dramatization, metacognitive skills and a variety of internet language sites in her teaching. 


Ms. Rossell also enjoys reading, traveling, dancing and practicing yoga in her spare time.