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Student Travel Accounts

What is a Student Travel Account?
Student travel accounts are funds that Mira Costa MUN students have the opportunity to earn by participating in the Hometown Fair and Poinsettia sales fundraisers in the Fall of each year. An accounting of these funds is maintained by the Booster Club Treasurer and Finance Chairs.

How does a student add to the account?
During Hometown Fair weekend, students and parents have the opportunity to work shifts at the MUN booth. Net proceeds are split evenly among all shifts worked. Parent's share of proceeds from shifts they work go to their student's account. For Poinsettia Sales, students have the opportunity to earn approximately $6 per plant sold, depending on grower cost and any incidental expenses incurred from year to year.

Where do I spend the funds?
Student travel account funds can be used towards the following:
  • Local and Travel Conferences
  • End of Year Banquet tickets for student, family, or friends

​How can I find out how much money my student has accrued?
You can get the balance in your student's account at any time by emailing [email protected].

How can funds be used to pay for conference fees and banquet tickets?
Funds are automatically deducted from all travel conference invoices after the deposit has been paid. Please email [email protected] to apply funds to local conferences or banquet tickets.
What about unused funds?
Unused funds in the student travel account stay in each student’s account for the entire time they are in the MCHS MUN program. Funds are carried over to the following year if unused during the current year. Funds will remain in the account until the student graduates or leaves the program. Any funds left remaining in the account when a student graduates or leaves the program will be transferred to the MCHS MUN General Fund. Student travel account funds may not be withdrawn for cash at any time or transferred to siblings or other students in the program.
Can money donations go towards a student account?
No. Any donations made outside of these fundraisers (at any time of year), go to the MCHS MUN General Fund. At no time may money donations be designated to an individual student’s travel account. If, in the course of selling poinsettias, a money donation is made in lieu of purchasing plants, any amount donated goes to the MCHS MUN General Fund.

Questions? Contact us by email [email protected].