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Mrs. Cabrera became acquainted with philosophy thanks to her AP English teacher at Warren High School, Mrs. Chari. She graduated in 2004 with a new thirst for the history of thought and ideas. She registered for her first year of college as an English major, and registered for “PHI 213: Intro to Philosophy” and after going to a higher-div philosophy class on J.R.R. Tolkien with a friend, she immediately signed up as a double major in English and Philosophy.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Cabrera wanted to graduate college (and save money), so–knowing she wanted to be an English teacher–she dropped her philosophy major to a minor… and regretted it ever since.  To rectify the situation, she enrolled in the Masters in Philosophy program at Loyola Marymount–at the same time she started teaching at Costa–and graduated with an M.A. in Philosophy in 2013.

She is also currently applying to Loyola Marymount's Education Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Social Justice, where she hopes to develop all she has learned from her experience forging the uncharted territory of teaching Philosophy in Public High Schools. She hopes to utilize her doctoral work as a way to begin a South Bay Philosophy Initiativebuilding important pathways for empathetic, critical thinking and Humanism in ways that are becoming increasingly imperative in today's mechanical, egocentric, and segmented world. 


In her spare time (ha, that's funny...), Mrs. Cabrera likes to hang out with her husband and her daughter, take impromptu trips to Disneyland, and eat really good, diverse foods. She is also a self-proclaimed ‘Renaissance Woman’–she likes to make things from scratch, be it foods like pastas and breads, to growing grapes and making her own wine, or making her own clothing. There is a little ‘streak of self-reliance’ in her, and she values people’s abilities to produce hand-crafted items for their own consumption. She also really loves baseball. A lot.

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AP Research Writing Projects:

Each year, with her AP Research students, Mrs. Cabrera plans to model the process of their major assignment (4000-5000 word research paper) with a work of her own, with the intent of submitting for publication and/or presentation at conference. Links to her works will be provided here upon completion:

  • 2018-2019: "Spandrell's 'Moment of Paradox:' Using The Philosophies of Kierkegaard to Address Huxley's Absolutist" (working title)

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If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me either by phone (ext. 5200), or by email (scabrera@mbusd.org). You may use these as well to schedule a personal meeting with me. I look forward to meeting with, speaking to, and working with all of you!
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Out of my own personal curiosity, I'm going to be running a small social experiment--teachers are always asked in regards to the Social and Emotional Wellness committee just how much stress WE also endure in education, and how much time we spend outside of school on work-related things. I've never had a good number to put on this or even a relative estimate, so this year, I'll be documenting my time--for science!