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Stacy Cabrera teaches various levels of English, Philosophy, and AP Capstone: Seminar and Research. Her philosophy in literature course engages students in introductory history of philosophy, particularly emphasizing Philosophies of Mind and a continental philosophical approach to texts and master works in Western literary traditions. Her English courses also generally take a similarly philosophical approach, often basing curriculum around a series of major thematic questions. Her main goal for students is to learn how to not just analyze and interpret good writing and argumentation, but be able to replicated it as well in their own arguments, and facilitate their own intellectual curiosities through active research designs and methodologies.
Her educational and philosophical goal is to expand philosophy to the public school setting, and is currently working on curriculum for an Informal Logic and Critical Thinking course that will serve as a precursor to the AP Capstone program, and hopes to expand her English course to an Honors/AP Philosophy course in the future. She also advises Young Philosophers Society, which meets (currently) Wednesdays at lunch in room 45 to discuss philosophical questions, and works yearly to create and implement GATE after-school programs for primary aged students where high school students teach philosophy following traditional children's philosophy methods and curricula.
Personally, and Academically, her interests are primarily in Hermeneutics and Critical Literary Theory, as well as Aesthetic theories and Philosophies of Education (of course). She is influenced by the philosophies of Kant, Hegel, and John Dewey, and has a particularly deep knowledge of the works (both literary and expository) of Aldous Huxley. She would like to think of herself as a foremost Huxley scholar (totally unproved, and self-professed).
She hopes to accomplish much of this work not just on campus here at Mira Costa, but as an active chair member (present through July 2022) of the American Philosophical Association's six-person Committee on Pre-college Philosophy. She is also an active member of the Aspiring Thinkers project based in The IMPACT Centre and The University of Queensland, which seeks to advocate for tools and programs that have proven useful over the last several decades in Australian public schools for the development of critical thinking and philosophical inquiry at the primary and secondary education levels. Over the next few years, Mrs. Cabrera's personal research goals (as shown below) will take various methodological approaches to qualitative and quantitative research in these endeavors.

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American Philosophical Association

Committee member, Pre-college Instruction in Philosophy (2022)

general member (2015-present)

PLATO: Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organiztion

member (2014-present)

American Association for Philosophy Teaching

member (2021-present)

International Aldous Huxley Society

member (2021-present)

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Writing Projects and Publications

Each year, with her AP Research students, Mrs. Cabrera plans to model the process of their major assignment (4000-5000 word research paper) with a work of her own, with the intent of submitting for publication and/or presentation at conference. Links to her works will be provided here upon completion:


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If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me either by phone (ext. 5200), or by email ([email protected]). You may use these as well to schedule a personal meeting with me. I look forward to meeting with, speaking to, and working with all of you!