Mira Costa High School

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CSF Senior Information

Senior Life Members:  You will be able to pick up your cowl June 9th due to back order.
Congratulations! See list below
Lifetime Membership (Sealbearer) is awarded to students who have been members for at least four semesters during their last three years of high school including one semester of SENIOR GRADES! 
Do not fail to apply if you are eligibile! 
Seniors who did not meet the eligibility requirements 1st semester still have a chance to become a Life Member by doing well their second semester.  You will need to see me in May, at which time I will give you an application for the 2nd semester of your senior year.  You will need your teachers signature stating the grade that you have at that time.  
Citizenship counts in CSF!
If you receive an "N" or "U" in citizenship, you are disqualified for that semester.
K. Cunningham, CSF Adviser