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CSF Junior Information

*Very important note for planning next year's courses.  
*Remember you need 10 points 1st semester senior year to become a life member!
Please read!
Current 11th grade CSF members should be very careful when choosing their classes for next year. Remember that your first semester senior grades (added to three previous semester memberships) determine whether you will be a sealbearer at graduation. You must take enough classes from List I and List II and continue working on those "A"s to have enough CSF points. Remember, "B"s are only worth one point, but "A"s are worth three points and you need 10 points. Your total points from LIST I must be at least 4. Your total points from LISTS I & II must be at least 7. Your GRAND TOTAL from all lists must be at least 10. Lists can be found on the back of your application and below. A "D" or an "F" in any course, you will be disqualified.
Citizenship counts in CSF!
If you receive an "N" or "U" in citizenship, you are disqualified for that semester.