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Course Selection » MCHS Course Request Change Form

MCHS Course Request Change Form

The window for schedule changes is closed. Please check back in August for updated instructions.


Below is an email that was sent to your student(s) MBUSDAPPS account in May. The schedule change procedure in August will be very similar, so please use this information as a guideline. If your student needs help logging into MBUSDAPPS, please have them see the librarian or Jan Norris in the front office for assistance.




MCHS Student


You can view your schedule by logging onto Aeries through your MBUSDAPPS account.  

If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please fill out this form. It will be open for submissions 5/30 - 6/5. After closing the window on 6/5, all course change requests will wait until registration in August. All schedule changes must be done through this form. Requests for schedule changes via email, phone, or in-person will not be processed.


Although you can only submit this form once, you may make multiple changes within this one form.


You may only make schedule change requests through your MBUSDAPPS account. You may only submit ONE schedule change request form so make your changes wisely!


You may not make requests about which teacher or period you would like for a class.


Keep in mind that the master schedule will be created in June based on your course requests. Changes to your schedule in August will be extremely difficult due to limited room for movement.


Be sure to check the 2017/2018 Course Description Book to make sure you meet the prerequisites for your class requests.   Below are some reasons you might need to request a change in the Fall: 


Missing a core class (English, Math, Science, etc.).  


You only have 5 classes but you need 6. You would like to add an additional class. 


You need to change a course or level a course up or down. (i.e. "I want to switch from AP Bio to Physics.”)


Please make sure that you are absolutely sure of any changes before you click submit.