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Scheduling 2017-18

2017-18 Schedule Updates


You can view your schedule by logging onto Aeries through your MBUSDAPPS account. Counselors are working diligently to make the changes you requested. Please check Aeries on the first day of school to ensure that you attend the correct classes. Due to the balancing of classes, your schedule may change, even if you did not request a schedule change.


At this time, counselors will no longer be accepting schedule changes via the schedule change request form. If on the first day of school, you still have a conflict in your schedule, visit the counseling office during the period in which you have that conflict. For example, if your 1st period and 2nd period are correct but your 3rd period is incorrect, go to your 1st and 2nd, and come to the office during 3rd.

Below are some reasons your schedule may have a schedule conflict:
-Missing a core class (English, Math, Science, etc.).
-You only have 5 classes but you need 6.
-You would like to add an additional class.
-You need to change a course or level a course up or down. (i.e. "I want to switch from AP Bio to Physics.")

Please be aware that the following reasons for requesting a course change will not be honored:
-Teacher change request
-Period change request
-Seminar change request

Here are some things you can request but a change may or may not be available:
-Adding a 0 period
-Changing an elective course (ex. Math, Science, etc.)


Counselor caseloads:
A-Da: Wildenberg
Db-Hoo: Lee-Iwai
Hop-Mh: Oystrick
Mi-Se: Beck
Sf-Z: Sommer
A-K 504/IEP/SAS: Santarosa
L-Z 504/IEP/SAS: Fields