Mira Costa High School

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Safe Homes Pledge

The Manhattan Beach Unified School District and the Mira Costa High School community are committed to fostering an alcohol- and substance-free lifestyle for our students. While there is much that can be done at school to forward this goal, the partnership of families and the community is vital.

We encourage parents and guardians of MCHS students to participate in the Safe Homes Program, a network of families who agree to maintain an adult-supervised, alcohol and substance-free social environment for students in their homes.

Please fill in the information below and share it with your student. The names of participating families will be posted on the MCHS websites.

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Although not a stipulation of this contract, we strongly urge and recommend that if you personally observe a student using alcohol or other drugs, you communicate this information to the student's parents or guardians.

This agreement is designed to be an in-good-faith contract, and is not legally binding.