Mira Costa High School

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Course Selection

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  Beginning Wednesday, 8/16, you can view your schedule by logging onto Aeries.  If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please fill out a course request change form at your assigned registration (8/16 for 11th and 12th graders, and 8/17 for 9th and 10th) and place it in the designated box.  


Below are some reasons you might need to request a change:

  • Missing a core class (English, Math, Science, etc)
  • Scheduled English seminars or Government/Economics are in the same semester
  • Missing a period
  • Made a sports team and would like to add it.  

Please be aware that the following reasons for requesting a course change will NOT be honored:

  • Teacher change request
  • Period change request
  • Seminar change request
Here are some things you can request, but a change may or may not be available:
  • Adding a 0 period
  • Changing an elective course (ex. Art, Science, etc.)

When filling out your form, please provide as much detail as possible and write legibly!


Check your schedule in Aeries 48 hours after submitting your course change request.  Please make sure you provide accurate contact information in both fields in case your counselor needs to get in touch with you.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.  Requests made via email or phone message will not be considered.

Counselor caseloads:

A-Da: Wildenberg

Db-Hoo: Lee-Iwai

Hop-Mh: Oystrick

Mi-Se: Beck

Sf-Z: Sommer

A-K 504/IEP/SAS: Santarosa

L-Z 504/IEP/SAS: Fields