ASB (Associated Student Body) is comprised of elected or appointed students who represent the interests and goals of the entire MCHS Student Body. There are two periods of ASB (4th & 5th), who meet daily (the student’s yearlong elective choice) with their teacher advisor, Lisa Claypoole. ASB members assist the administration and teachers in carrying out special projects and improving the school climate. Both the officers and appointed members of the ASB class focus on providing engaging activities that ensure a well-rounded high school experience.


The primary responsibilities of the officers include communicating with and representing the Student Body, as well as the planning and production of all-school activities. In the process, we seek to promote citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and human relations. While organizing and promoting various events is the main focus of the class, you will be expected to complete some specific academic assignments as well. In addition, the students plan, organize, and participate in such activities as formal and informal dances, Homecoming, Spirit Week, grade-level competitions, community awareness projects, cultural events, and Staff Recognition throughout the year. Officers work hard at creating innovative activities and projects, and we want to see the tradition of quality continue. Unfortunately, the “quest for excellence” can also breed a divisive feeling of elitism and exclusiveness. We must always work to include, rather than exclude, as many members of our student body as possible in our activities.  Our goal is to offer service—be that service small or great.  Our answer, when asked if we can help, should be “YES”.


Students must maintain high academic and citizenship grades to remain in the class and are additionally required to work approximately 10 hours each month outside of the class. Students are elected or appointed to the class each spring for the following school year. If you are interested in being a leader at Mira Costa, consider running* for an office or applying to be appointed to the class.


*Freshman: the only option open for freshman is to be elected class officers (president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer). Elections happen in early October of each school year. There are no appointed positions offered for Freshman.