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Course Selection


For the 2019-20 school year please click the following link:

2019-20 Enrollment, Course Selection and Registration




Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!

Dear 2019-2020 Mira Costa Students,

It is that time again!  The course request window will open for students to select their courses for the 2019-2020 school year soon!

The course request window will open at 8:00AM for: 

Seniors: March 19th

Juniors: March 20th

Sophomores: March 21th

Freshmen: March 22th  

The window to request courses will close on March 29th at 3PM. This scheduling process is NOT first come, first served. All students within a class (12th, 11th, 10th, 9th) will have equal opportunity for classes, regardless of when they selected courses. Additionally, courses do not FILL as they do at the college level. This process helps us to create the appropriate kind and number of courses we offer at MCHS, leading to a balanced schedule for students and teachers.  

Steps for Requesting Classes:

  • Course Description Handbook 
    • The course description handbook can be located on the Mira Costa website.  It includes information needed for scheduling, as well as the prerequisites and course descriptions for each available class.  
  • AP Screencasts
    • Students are allowed to take no more than 4 AP classes per year.  
    • Screencasts provide an overview of each AP course, a description of content covered, the workload required, and many other details that will be important for students and parents to know and be prepared for when registering for each AP course.  
    • Watch each screencast for the AP courses you plan to take to consider how many AP classes you will realistically be able to manage.
  • Time Management Worksheet
    • Mira Costa High School has updated the Time Management Activity worksheet along with an estimate of time sheet to assist students when planning for the 2019-2020 school year. 
    • It is important that students take the time to complete the activity to ensure that they are not overloading their schedules.  
  • Information for Selecting Courses in AERIES



    • Log into your AERIES student account.
    • Click on “Student Info.” 
    • Click on “Course Request Entry.” 
    • Under “Subject Area”, you can filter courses. 
    • Select the course you would like to take. (Example: For English 9, you would select 10001). 
    • If you select a semester course (course number ending in a “3”), make sure to select another semester-long course ending in “3”.  
    • Incoming 9th-11th grade students must select a minimum of 6 courses. 
    • Incoming 12th grade students must select a minimum of 5 courses. 
    • The maximum number of courses a student can select is 7. 
    • The maximum number of AP courses a student can select is 4.  
    • If you do not want a zero period class, you MUST select “Excused Zero Period”, which will not be counted as one of your course selections.  
    • For all elective courses, students MUST select one alternate.  
    • For Incoming 9th grade students planning to play a sport, it is highly recommended that you select “Zero Period Athletics” in order minimize the disruptions to your schedule when your season begins.  
    • If you participated in a sport in the 2018-2019 school year and plan to continue with this sport, please select “Excused Per 6”
    • For Incoming 12th grade students selecting English 12 Seminars, you MUST click on “Add Alternate” for each of your two choices.  Select an alternate option for each seminar.
    • Once you complete your selection of course requests, you can log out.  There is no save button.  
  • Review Selected Courses 
    • Review the courses you selected. 
    • Consider the time required to be successful in these courses in conjunction with any in-school and out-of-school extra curricular activities.   
    • Discuss the selections and time commitment with your parents in order to ensure you have a balanced schedule.     
  • Counselor Meetings
    • In April and May, every student will meet directly with their counselor to review the selected courses for the fall.  If any changes need to be made, a counselor will assist with that process at that time. 

 If you have any questions, please email the support desk at mc.aeries@mbusd.org. Make sure to include your student FULL NAME and GRADE. You will receive a response within 48 hours.  


Counselor caseloads:
A-Da: Wildenberg
Db-Hoo: Lee-Iwai
Hop-Mh: Oystrick
Mi-Se: Beck
Sf-Z: Sommer
A-K 504/IEP/SAS: Santarosa
L-Z 504/IEP/SAS: Fields