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At MCHS we strive to respect ourselves, respect others and respect property.

We believe in rewarding our students for working well together, striving to help each other, practicing healthy habits, respecting each other, themselves and their property/environment.


What does this mean?  Mustang's Expect Respect is part of the Social Emotional Learning framework and is a Multi-Tiered System of Support that defines the respectful behavior that Costa expects from its students and interventions to support their engagement in them.


Using Multi-Tiered System Support to address behavioral needs it is an approach schools can use to increase school safety and promote positive behavior, just as they would teach about any other subject—like reading or math.


It also aligns with California Legislation Assembly Bill 1729:


This bill would authorize a school district to document the other means of correction used and place that documentation in the pupil’s record. The bill would also specify that other means of correction include, but are not limited to, among other things, a positive behavior support approach with tiered interventions that occur during the school day on campus, a conference between school personnel, the pupil’s parent or guardian, and the pupil, participation in a restorative justice program, and after-school programs that address specific behavioral issues or expose pupils to positive activities and behaviors.


Mustangs Expects Respect provides usother means of correction that address specific behavioral issues or exposes pupils to positive activities and behaviors.”


  • Increases the likelihood that desired behaviors will be repeated
  • Focuses staff and student attention on desired behaviors
  • Fosters a positive school climate
  • Reduces the need for engaging in time consuming disciplinary measures-
  • Data driven and is shared with faculty, families and community



Respect Yourself

Respect Others

Respect Property


Mustangs Expect Respect Adapted for Distance Learning

What is the meaning of Respect in an online learning environment?



Respect Yourself


  • Professional Appearance
  • Use healthy habits daily (eating, sleeping, hygiene)



Respect Others

  • Regularly attend online instruction
  • Be on time to Zoom Sessions
  • Being respectful when students and teachers are sharing online
  • Be respectful of classmates during breakout rooms
  • Help students related to school
  • Speaking at the correct time; allow others to finish talking
  • Have your materials ready.
  • Log in 5 minutes early so you don’t miss anything.
  • Use your first and last name so we know who you are.
  • Keep yourself on mute until it’s your turn



Respect Property

  • Using materials and devices respectfully
  • Give proper credit when using others’ work, so we can see what YOU can do


Digital Ethical Responsibilities:

  • Students are working in an interconnected digital world, and they will act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.
  • It is important for students to cultivate and manage their digital identity and reputation. We strive to help our students be aware of the permanence of their actions in the digital world. Posting pictures, words about others, or opinions can last a long time online.
  • Discuss with students the use of proper citations and reflecting accurate documentation when referencing someone else’s work. Ensure student work is authentic to prepare students for college and beyond.


How Mustangs Expect Respect Works:


Respectful behaviors are explicitly stated, outlined, defined and modeled for students (in homeroom, screencasts, bulletins and as part of Social Emotional Learning).


Anytime a student is observed to engage in respectful behavior, their teacher or staff will fill out  a Mustangs Expect Respect online ticket (google form). For example, Mustangs Respect Others by being on time to the Zoom. Students will be provided immediate feedback and notified that they were recognized by staff via email.


Each month all Mustangs Expect Respect online tickets will be submitted for a raffle where 10 names will be drawn. Prizes include gift cards from local community sponsors. The more tickets you have in there the greater the chances are of winning.


In an effort to increase learning outcomes we hope to model and reinforce positive behaviors for a digital learning environment.


Remember Mustangs Expect Respect:


  • Respect Yourself
  • Respect Others
  • Respect Property