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Resource Officer Program

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program was established in 1995 as a component of the Manhattan Beach Police Department's community-policing philosophy titled "Policing Through Partnerships" or PTP. Since its inception, the SRO Program has evolved into a successful valuable partnership between the Manhattan Beach Unified School District and the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The program includes the assignment of a SRO at Mira Costa High School and Manhattan Beach Middle School. The SRO is the liaison between the Police Department and the School District. However, the SRO's first duty is that of a sworn police officer.

The SRO works diligently to promote a positive police image on campus through interactions with students, parents, teachers and administrators. The goal of the program is to establish a proactive problem-solving partnership, by working closely with school officials and faculty in enhancing the safety of MCHS and MBMS.

The SRO is involved in a variety of functions including:

  • Being a visible, active law enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law- related issues.
  • A classroom resource for instruction in the following areas: law related education, violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention and other areas.
  • Is a member of the faculty and administrative team working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.
  • A resource for the students which will enable them to be associated with a law enforcement figure in the student's environment.
  • A resource to teachers, parents and students for conferences on an individual basis, dealing with individual problems or questions.
  • A counseling resource in areas which may affect the educational environment and may be of a law- related nature.
  • The first line of protection in case of an active shooter on campus.
  • SRO's emphasize prevention, solve on- going problems and commits resources long term.
  • Teach the value of the legal system.
  • Promote respect for people and property.
  • Take a personal interest in students and their activities.
  • Works with school administration on a daily basis to develop strategies to prevent or minimize dangerous situations on or near the campus.
  • Provide a program of educational leadership to the students, parents and faculty addressing tobacco, alcohol, other drug issues, gang activity, violence prevention, crime prevention and safety issues in the school community.
  • Promote citizen awareness of law enforcement efforts on campus to ensure the peaceful operation of school related programs and build support with students.
  • Works closely with the school's counselors, psychologist and nurses.
  • Works closely with school booster clubs, education foundation and students clubs.