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Grades of Green

Grades of Green
Grades of Green inspires and empowers the students at MCHS to care for the environment by providing MCHS with:

Eco-consultation of the school;

  • Assembly to educate students about the importance of conserving natural resources, reducing litter and landfill waste, preventing pollution, and the 3R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle);
  • Implementation of a lunch time sorting system which will give students the opportunity to sort their waste into specific bins including: recycling, bottles and cans, landfill and liquids;
  • Waste audit to assess how well students recycle before and after the implementation of the lunch time sorting system;
  • Encouragement to keep the campus litter-free.

MCHS Lunchtime Sorting Station

Why? To reduce landfill waste and encourage social responsibility above students.  Over $2000 possible savings to the district if done correctly every day.

  • Green cart (with yellow lid): all food and liquid waste including milk cartons and paper cartons and wrappers…pizza boxes too.
  • Blue cart (on wheels): empty bottles and cans for CRV
  • Blue mesh/metal can with clear liners: basically ANY clean and empty plastic or aluminum recyclable materials such as:  plastic salad containers, cups, Lunchable containers-…if it contains food or liquid and can get other material “ooey gooey”, empty it in “food waste” before recycling.
  • Grey mesh/metal can with dark liners: flimsy plastic snack wrappers.

Learn more about Grades of Green (an award-winning environmental nonprofit) and Waste Management.