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To post in the Weekly Bulletin, please get approval from a staff member or sponsor for submission, then complete this Submission Form by Friday, 3pm the week before the announcement is to run.

To update or submit information for the website, email the complete information to [email protected].
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To submit information to the Costa Community News, all articles must be submitted by 12 pm (noon) each Thursday prior to distribution to [email protected]. Keep the articles short and pointed. This weekly publication will include 5-6 key things occurring in the Costa Community and cover timely highlightsEvents will be published closer to the actual event and items will be listed once — maybe twice — pending space and timeliness with the goal to keep the content fresh and vibrant. 
All requests should be submitted in ready-to-use Word format and should contain all the required details including correct images and links without the need for significant editing. We rely on you to check dates, grammar, and other facts, so please make sure you validate the details before submission.
Please do not submit your MCHS booster fundraisers to Costa Community News. Please submit those to Julie Johnson at [email protected] for inclusion on the MBX booster fundraisers page. Costa Community News and other MBUSD newsletters will pull fundraiser info from there. 
General Submission Guidelines:
  • Catchy title
  • Details of the event: date, time, location, who to contact for info, links if applicable
  • No fancy formatting 
  • Correct links
  • All Flyers in PDF format if possible
  • Images in JPG format
*All external, non-MCHS related news submissions that are not expressly approved by a MCHS PTSA Board member need to be sent to Heather Hoffman in the District Office.  See District policy below:
Promotional materials of a commercial nature will not be distributed to students. School-sponsored and school-related materials may be approved by the Superintendent or designee, including school-sponsored clubs, booster clubs, organizations, and flyers related to school events. Information on summer camps, outside instructional organizations/schools, outside athletic programs/events, private instructional programs, and other activities such as plays, workshops, etc., will not be distributed via school mail.
The only information that will be allowed to be distributed via school mail and on school grounds, or in school-sponsored publications is information published by and for the District, school (including school-sponsored clubs, booster clubs, organizations, and flyers related to school events), PTA, Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF), MBX, the City of Manhattan Beach, and/or Beach Cities Health District.