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Mission & Vision

Mira Costa is a community of learners where each member has the opportunity to achieve personal, social, creative, and academic excellence. 
The Mira Costa school community strives to maximize the unique potential of each student, to cultivate the skills essential for lifelong learning, and nurture responsible citizenship. Our tradition of excellence provides a positive learning environment, which includes:
  • A wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities
  • Clear expectations for academic achievement and responsible behavior
  • Respect for people, property, and ideas
  • Programs that develop the skills of communication, teamwork, problem-solving, technology, and information management
  • A dedicated and supportive staff, parents, and community partners who focus on "students first."
  • Mira Costa High School demands academic excellence from all students. All students are required to complete 230 credits with 5 credits earned for each class completed per semester. The school is on a traditional semester schedule. There are 6 periods with an optional 0 period. Freshmen-Juniors are required to take 6 classes. Seniors may take 5 classes. All classes meet for 56 minutes daily, with a periodic office hours schedule. All students are required to take and pass the California High School Exit Exam to graduate. Mira Costa provides a wide range of rigorous courses for students including 23 Advanced Placement/Honors courses and pathways and Science labs.