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Mira Costa Special Education Overview 

Programs listed below are options for students.  A combination of several blended programs might be appropriate.

Learning Center – A period of Learning Center is offered to students enrolled in General Ed. Classes (elective credit is given).  Resource teachers and aides consult and collaborate with teachers in the classrooms  and offer support and accommodations. Learning Center class consists of strategies for study skills, organization, time management, homework assistance, note-taking support, test-taking and accommodations, writing strategies, quiet areas for testing, as well as monitoring of progress and addressing individual goals of students.

Resource Specialist Program (RSP) Classes (Resource English, World and US History, Biology, Earth Science, Govt/Econ) - Resource classes follow essential standards for the curriculum and offer more individualized attention. These classes are available to students who are diploma-bound but need more support in meeting standards, and may be offered through collaboration or self-contained classes. Students may enroll in one or more RSP classes based on IEP decision (English, Math, Science, and History).

Special Day Class (SDC) Basic Skills (Independent Living Skills) – This class is designed for students who need to develop basic academic skills, daily living, recreation, leisure and skills for future employment.  Small group and direct instruction in reading, math and social skills are addressed during different periods.  Skills are taught based on IEP goals and objectives, and assistance is given in including students into the community.  Students are blended and included into general education classes and community as appropriate.  Most will receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation and transition.

Workability – This elective is offered to students with an IEP who are at least 16 years old. Students enrolled in a 7th period Workability class do not attend a class, but earn their credits working at a job in the community. Our School-To-Career coordinator assists in resume, interview, application and placement options. Students who are already employed and/or students who would like assistance finding a job would work with the Workability Coordinator in the Learning Center to explore options.