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Athletic Director’s Message


  • Athletic participation must be healthful, positive and safe for everyone involved, conducted in an environment that teaches values and ethics, strengthens the community, promotes competition without conflict and enriches the lives of the athletes.
  • Learning and personal growth form the foundation for interscholastic and intramural sports. 
  • Parents and community are actively involved in creating and supporting an environment that fosters positive athletic experiences for student-athletes. 
  • The coach is the key to making the student-athlete experience appropriate, positive and educational. 
  • Each student who meets the eligibility standards has the opportunity to participate and learn through sports. 
  • Participation in sports builds self-confidence while teaching good health and fitness habits to last a lifetime. 
  • High-quality athletic programs are built upon a foundation of strong leadership, clear policy, adequate resources and effective organization.
Jennifer Huynh, Vice Principal
Glenn Marx, Athletic Director
Susan Allen, Administrative Assistant to Vice Principal
Franklin Ortiz, Athletic Trainer