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CCC Weekly Updates

College Representative Virtual Visits September 8th - November 19th

Visits are open to juniors and seniors.  This is an opportunity to learn about various colleges and to virtually meet the admissions representatives who will most likely be reading your application. 


We have arranged for visits not to take place during class periods 1-6 (with only a few exceptions during period 7).  Any time conflicts must be cleared in advance with your teacher/coach college representative visits will not be excused absences. If you are unable to attend a visit for a college you are interested in, you can reach out to the admissions representative listed for the visit on Naviance or contact the CCC.


You will need to register for visits on your Naviance account prior to the visit. A complete list of visits is available on Naviance under “What’s New”.  On the day of the visit, a virtual event link will be listed on your account 15 minutes* prior to the presentation, please see instructions to access the link:

  1. Log into Naviance Student
  2. Click on Colleges > Research Colleges
  3. Click College Visits
  4. Under the College Name, Click on Virtual Visit Link
*Please note some schools require pre-registration for their visits in order to receive their meeting link - the pre-registration link is listed in the student notes section for the visit on Naviance (click on view next to visit).

Naviance log-in information:  Username is your first and last name, no spaces

Forgot your password? Click on forgot password and a temporary password will be emailed to you. (Check your mbusdapps account).  Problems - email cschiraldi@mbusd.org.


Upcoming Visits - Registration on Naviance is required 


Friday, 9/18

-Marist College at 11:45am 

-Bucknell University at 2:00pm 

-University of Rochester at 2:30pm Pre-register at: https://admissions.enrollment.rochester.edu/register/?id=FDBFCF5F-1F0D-4573-8357-1ECBD732A462

-UC Santa Barbara at 3:00pm


Monday, 9/21

-George Washington University at 11:45am

-University of Connecticut at 2:00pm

-University of Pittsburgh at 2:30pm

-United States Naval Academy at 3:00pm


Tuesday, 9/22

-Mount St. Mary's University, Los Angeles at 11:45am

-University of Arizona at 2:00pm Pre-register at:  http://bit.ly/uazmbeach

-Goldsmiths University of London at 2:30pm

-American University at 3:00pm


Wednesday, 9/23

-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pre-registration is required at: https://illinois.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Of863gttQKan8d5w6Xm2fw

-Denison University at 1:00pm

-Muhlenberg College at 1:30pm


Thursday, 9/24

-University of Washington, Seattle at 11:45am

-Seton Hall University at 2:00pm Pre-register at:  https://app.shu.edu/register/?id=7521bce5-53aa-47c6-bf0e-be261fd0ed71

-Washington State University at 2:30pm Pre-register at: https://futurecoug.wsu.edu/register/?id=4e01c23e-eeb1-416e-9212-e08a01e34147

-University of New Hampshire at 3:00pm


Friday, 9/25

-Colby College at 11:45am

-University of Toronto at 2:00pm Pre-register at: https://apply.adm.utoronto.ca/register/?id=525fef9b-3b8d-4aff-a3bb-c7708a8ec3f4

-Holy Cross at 2:30pm

-Dartmouth College at 3:00pm


Additional College Virtual Events/Programs  

Meeting with a CCC Counselor
Class of 2021 - Please fill out this form if you'd like to meet with a CCC counselor. We'd like to know some information upfront so we can best support you in the meeting. At this point, we are limiting meetings to one initial meeting per senior. We will email your MBUSDapps email to confirm the date & time of your meeting.
Note: if you just have a quick question, the CCC Counselors will also be available during Virtual Front Office hours (beginning September 8th) Mondays 8-9am, Tuesdays 8-10am, Thursdays 8-10am and Fridays 9-10am.


College Essay Revision

Class of 2021 - If you are interested in submitting an essay for revision, please submit using this form. The form has a limited number of submissions per week, but will reopen every Tuesday. 


El Camino Counseling/Resources - http://bit.ly/eccmchs



It's not too late to enroll in SoCalRoc online classes!  Fall semester begins Monday, September 21st.  Earn high school elective credits while exploring a variety of careers.  Classes are FREE for high school students.  Contact your Career Guidance Specialist Rocio Pineda-Contreras at 310-224-4240 or rpcontreras@scroc.k12.ca.us for more information and to enroll.


PSAT Update

We will not be offering the October test date, instead we have selected to offer it on the alternative date of January 26, 2021. There isn't a difference between the exams, other than the dates. The benefits are still the same, but please keep in mind that if you take the October test at another school you will not be able to take the exam again in January. 


Once we have all the details finalized, you'll be able to register for the PSAT and instructions to do so will be posted here on the Weekly Updates page. 


SAT/ACT Practice Test:

To save your spot, please visit www.revolutionprep.com/partners/61

ACT/SAT Practice Exam Options:

  • Saturday, September 26 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 10 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

We’ll be offering both formats on both dates. If you’d like to try one exam on the first date, you can choose the opposite format for the second date.


Testing Webinar:

“Insider’s Guide to College Admission & Testing in the COVID-19 Era”

Wednesday, September 23 at 6:00 pm via Zoom

 In this webinar, we’ll bring you up to date with the shifting landscape of college admission and standardized testing, from a former admission professional and our dedicated Mira Costa advisor from Revolution Prep. We’ll discuss the right ways to approach testing in times where each week brings new information, including some strategies for creating a plan this year, the difference between test-optional and test blind, current decisions made by local and state schools and updates as to what universities and the testing agencies are planning in months to come. Register today to save your spot! www.revolutionprep.com/events/38280/


Webinars for Students hosted by College Wise

-How to Write Great College Essays (for Seniors)
Wed, October 7, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT
What you will learn:
A lot of really good kids write really bad college essays; essays about how soccer taught them the importance of teamwork, or how they struggled to adapt to strange cultures during a trip to Paris. It’s not their fault; most kids have just never been taught what college admissions officers actually want to read about, or that great college essays need to be written very differently from the essays assigned in high school English classes.
That’s why we created this seminar—to teach kids how to find and write their best stories for college essays. We’ll explain what admissions officers actually want (and don’t want) to read, reveal the five most overused essay topics on which far too many kids rely, and teach writing techniques that will help any student write more engaging and effective college essays.
-Admissions 101 (for 9th-11th)
Wed, October 7, 2020
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDTWhat you will learn: This webinar will help families separate college admissions fact from fiction and enjoy the college process a little more. We’ll discuss grades, test scores, activities, and everything else colleges evaluate, including how COVID-19 impacts admissions. Attendees will get straight answers about what college admissions committees really look for and how they ultimately decide who gets in. And we think kids and parents will be pleasantly surprised to learn that kids don’t have to be trilingual, opera-singing rocket scientists to get into college today.