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Theft Prevention

Although schools are inherently a safe place, crime can and does occur on our campus. However, if we individually take steps to protect our personal property, we can have a significant impact on the reduction of thefts on campus. Collectively, we must work together as faculty, staff, students and parents to ensure and expect a safe and crime-free atmosphere.

By taking the following precautions, you can help take a bite out of crime!
  • Keep your personal property with you at all times and do not leave it unattended on campus. Especially during snack, lunch and after school.
  • Use your assigned locker properly by closing and locking it . Please do not share lockers.
  • While participating in P.E. and Athletics, use your assigned locker to secure your property. Do not leave your personal items in the stadium, along Stadium Way or any other place on campus.
  • Avoid bringing items of value (sentimental or monetary) to school.
  • While in class, keep your property close by (next to or in front of your seat). Avoid placing your bags (purses, backpacks, etc.) behind your seat.
  •  Program your full name into the display of your cellphone, ipod, calculator and/or other personal electronics.
  • Use an electric engraver to etch your name into the back cover, battery door or other place of your personal electronics

If you should happen to have your property stolen, please contact the Security Office and make a record of the theft. And, if needed, contact the SRO for a police report.

Be sure to keep records of make, model, serial number and cost of personal electronics. You will need this information to complete your reports.