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Counselor Roles

Our Guidance team consists of five Guidance Counselors, two College and Career Counselors, and two Student Academic Support Counselors 

There are approximately 2,450 students at Mira Costa. Each student works with one Guidance Counselor throughout their four years at MCHS. The Guidance Counselors provide holistic and proactive services which contribute to each student’s educational, vocational, and personal/social development. Students also have the opportunity to meet at least annually with the College and Career Center counselors. 

Guidance Counselors Role: 

  • Complete secondary and mid-year reports required for college applications
  • Write letters of recommendations for their students
  • Act as liaison between Mira Costa and colleges regarding student applications
  • Attend UC and CSU conferences annually to provide updated information to students
  • Provide individual scheduling and counseling for currently enrolled students
  • Provide individual scheduling for incoming freshmen at MBMS and Hermosa Valley
  • Develop four-year plans with every freshman and update with students as needed
  • Conduct quarterly grade/credit checks
  • Facilitate parent/teacher/student meetings and Students Study Teams (SST) as needed
  • Attend SARB (Student Attendance Review Boards) meetings
  • Provide personal crisis counseling, including referrals as needed to outside agencies
  • Provide vocational information and education
  • Provide grade level parent meetings in Fall and Spring
  • Collaborate with special education case carriers
  • Collaborate with MBPD/School Resource Officer
  • Provide guidance on alternative methods to earn high school diploma and college requirements
  • Assist with 8th grade transition in to the high school
  • Help administer the CHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) to all 10th grade students
  • Interpret CHSEE & standardized tests for students and parents
  • Spotlight
    • All hold Masters Degrees and Counseling Credentials
    • Are trained in and provide personal crisis counseling including referrals to outside agencies regarding substance abuse, use and addiction, depression, suicide, child abuse, self mutilation, eating disorders, anger management, etc.
    • Each currently works with approximately 450 students and their families 
    • Throughout their recent visit to Mira Costa High School, the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) team repeatedly praised the Guidance Team for their outstanding services and support to students and their families.
    • Students and parents consistently give high ratings to the Guidance Team year after year on the School Climate Survey.   


Student Academic Support Counselors Role: 

  • Identifies at-risk students needing additional support
  • Coordinates Student Academic Support Program
  • Implements and creates data-driven curriculum that focuses on academic skill building, career planning and social issues
  • Teach weekly guidance lessons in Support classes
  • Provides on-going support and crisis counseling for individual students and their families
  • Schedule and conduct 504 meetings
  • Act as liaison with outside agencies
  • Serve as SARB representatives for school district
  • Assists the Guidance Counselors with duties as needed
  • Acts as an integral support system for Guidance Team when additional individual student support is needed