ASB Club List

# Name of Club Type of Club Club Advisor Rm.# Day Time How Often? Club President What does Club Do? Year Started
1 Applied Theoretical Strategies Common Interest Mrs. Claypoole      

2 Art Club Common Interest Ms. Martin

3 Astronomy Club Common Interest Mr. Bartlett

4 Badminton Club Common Interest Dr. Wilson

5 Baja Club Student Exchange Program Mrs. Romero 35 Thursday Lunch Weekly
affiliated with Manhattan Beach Sister Cities
6 Band Together Community Service Mr. Carlson 2 Wednesday Lunch Monthly
donate instruments/funding to music programs at underprivileged schools
7 Black Scholars Union Club
Mrs. Allen

8 Bremen Town Club Music Mr. Hayden RG16 Thursday Lunch Monthly
raise funds for choral groups charitable causes
9 Challenged Athletics Club
Ms. Donovan

10 Charitable Couture Club
Ms. Choi

11 Chess Club Common Interest Mr. Brown

13 Cinema Club Arts & Entertainment Mr. Hernandez 108 Friday Lunch Weekly
educate & appreciate film in a comfortable setting, In addition to watching films during meetings, trips are also taken to film screenings and showings
14 Club 2016 Senior Class Mrs. Claypoole 40 Weds. (2nd) Lunch Monthly
fundraising & promotes class unity ongoing
15 Club 2017 Junior Class Mrs. Claypoole 40 Weds. (3rd) Lunch Monthly
fundraising & promotes class unity ongoing
16 Club 2018 Sophomore Class Mrs. Claypoole 40 Weds. (4th) Lunch Monthly
fundraising & promotes class unity ongoing
17 Club 2019 Freshmen Class Mrs. Claypoole 40 Weds. (1st) Lunch Monthly
fundraising & promotes class unity ongoing
18Creative Writing ClubCommon InterestMs. Vaughan

19 Cuipo Club
Ms. Vaughan

20 Dance Club Common Interest Mrs. Johnson Gym Tuesday Lunch every other week
provide Mira Costa Student Body the opportunity to connect through a common interest, dance.
21 Debate Club Debate Mr. Knutson 201 Wednesday Lunch Weekly
National Forensics League; competitive team
22 Dimes for Diabetes Club Community Service Ms. Howerton 30 Weds. Lunch Weekly
raise money for a cure for juvenile Diabetes
23 Drama/Thespian Club Arts & Entertainment Ms. Mathews 1 Wednesday Lunch Weekly
to keep students up to date with on-goings of the drama department; provides new opportunities to students interested in participating in Drama activities
24 Ecology Club Community Service Mr. Sponaugle 73 Monday Lunch Weekly
preserve the environment the best we can
25 Fashion Club Common Interest Mrs. Singh

26 Friendship Circle Club Community Service Dr. Wilson 114 Tuesday & Thursday Lunch Bi-Weekly
provide the gift of friendship to those with special needs through activities and interaction
27 Gay Straight Alliance Common Interest Zeoli, Alan Mr. 23 Thursday Lunch Weekly
spread awareness of current issues regarding the LGBT community and provide a safe haven for any student who feels victimized because of their sexuality Old
28 Geeks Club Mrs. Lofton
29 Girls' League Community Service Ms. Sieker 34 Thursday Lunch Weekly promote breast cancer awareness and raise money to donate to breast cancer research
30 Heifer Club Mr. Brown
31 Helping Hands Club Ms. Shipley/Mrs. Foster
32 Improv Club Arts & Entertainment Ms. Mathews 1 Tuesday Lunch Weekly perform improv for students; promote Comedy Sportz
33 Interact Club Community Service Mr. Bartlett 67 Thursday Lunch Weekly interact with our community as well as other rotary groups. We are involved in charity on a local, regional, national, and international level.
34 Investor's Club Common Interest Mr. Geczi
35 Key Club Community Service Ms. Shapiro Thursday Lunch Weekly serves the community by volunteering and having social events with the MB Kiwanis Club and other key clubs from the South Bay Area
36 Kids for Kenya Club Ms. Doyle
37 Kids Play Club Mr. Bartlett
38 Kleats for Kids Mrs. Romero
39 Latino Scholars Union Club Ms. Rossell
40 Lend A Hand Club Community Service Mrs. Geczi 41 Thursday Lunch Weekly helps those in need through fundraising, volunteering, and charitable drives
41 Lions Club Mrs. Singh
42 Lunches with Love Community Service Ms. Park
52 Make a Wish Club Community Service Turney? 120 Tuesday Lunch every other week Green Mackenzie & Dotemoto, Jackie Raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
53 Making a Difference Community Service Kulczycki, Miguel 72 Mondays Lunch Weekly Ellis, Kirsten & Villacorta, Inez raise money to fund research projects for St.Judes Hospital
54 Math Club Competition Mr. Robertson 59 Friday Lunch Weekly Park, Iktae & Kane, Eben competes 4 match annual competition called Bay Math League
55 New Channels Club Community Service Mr. Knutson 201 Monday Lunch Weekly Kane, Eben & Martucci, Jordan community service at KH Yacht Club 2005
56 New Life Christian Club Common Interest Manago, Ms. Pam 66 Thursdays Lunch Weekly Johnson, Jay discuss relationship with Jesus; provide information about God 2006
57 Operation Smile Club Community Service Bartlett, Dan Mr. 67 Tuesday Lunch Weekly Purcell, Marisa raise money to support people in third world countries that need a cleft palette operation
58 Origami Club Community Service Agee, Mrs. Lena Old Office 3:00-3:45 After School Bi-Weekly Kojima, Chloe share interest of origami with others, teach others about the art 2008-2009
59 Photography Club Common Interest McAvin, Mike Mr. 5 Thursday Lunch Monthly Chen, Brian maintain an environment for photographers to share their love for this hobby
60 Ping Pong Club Common Interest Tower, Theresa Gym Friday Lunch Weekly Costa, Dominic play ping pong at lunch
61 Pink Ribbon Club Community Service Bartlett, Dan Mr. 67 Wednesday Lunch Weekly Vollucci, Angelina & Schiewe, Emma raise money to donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation; raise breast cancer awareness
62 Red Cross Club Community Service Sponaugle, Dan Mr. 73 Wednesday Lunch Weekly Walsh, Jake & Davis, Brian donate funds to Red Cross
63 Richstone Support Club Community Service Vaughan, Shannon Mrs. 18 ? Lunch Weekly ? raise money and provide support for the Richstone Center
64 S Club Community Service Gonalons, Madame 111 Monday Lunch Weekly Rosen, Allie better the lives of less fortunate women in our community and around the world
65 Science Club Common Interest Lewis, Jonathan Mr. 74 Tuesday (1st) Lunch Monthly Chen, Brian & Chung, Jonathan inspire the love of science in children
66 Science Olympiad Club Common Interest Calderon, Robert 14 Thursdays Lunch Weekly Colen, Jonathan prepare for Southern California Science Olympiad Competition
67 Shelter LA Club Community Service Shapiro, Felise Mrs. 48 Tuesday Lunch Weekly Daniel, Nicole raise money for women in need in LA
68 Snowboarding Club Common Interest McAvin, Mike Mr. 5 Monday Lunch Weekly Seckinger, Jeremy spread information about snowboarding, snowboard trips, and snowboarding knowledge
69 Songwriter's Club Common Interest Hofreiter, Debi Mrs. 15 Monday Lunch Weekly Smith, Marissa bring musicians together to write songs
70 Stampede/ Spirit of Costa School Spirit Claypoole, Lisa Mrs. 40 Friday Lunch Monthly Madrid, Holly & promotes school sprit at MCHS & promotes game attendence 2008-2009
71 Stand Up to Cancer Community Service Bozeman, Paula 44 Tuesday Lunch Weekly Villacorta, Carla raise money for cancer research and to also raise the awareness of what cancer is and how it affects people 2009-2010
72 Students for Baseball Club Common Interest Olson, Mr 203 Wednesday Lunch Weekly Afzali, Bryan donate money to innercity Little Leagues; donate gear, renovate fieds, run baseball clinics
73 Team L.A. Common Interest McAvin, Mike Mr. 5 Tuesday Lunch Weekly Sofen, Brendan & Sieglman, Ryan spread love for Los Angeles sports teams; donate to the Laker's Youth Foundation
74 Tribe Club Community Service Thompson, Lauren Ms. 16 Monday Lunch Weekly Smith, Roxy & Scholz, Melissa raise enough money to build a well in Africa which would provide water for 1,000 people as well as give students the opportunity to become informed on world crisises and create ways to help
75 Truth Be Told Common Interest Claypoole, Lisa Mrs. 43 Wednesday Lunch Weekly Winje, Kyle to know God, and make God known to other
76 Until There's a Cure Club Community Service Brown, Ann Mrs. 20 Wednesday Lunch Weekly Schlossberg, Logan every other week
77 Wave Project Club Community Service Coller, Mr 27 Friday Lunch Bi-Weekly Moore, Anastasia clean beaches and raise awareness for animals in the ocean
78 WmLT Art Debevec, Dan Mr. 60 Monday Lunch Weekly Lane, Kirstin helping people express themselves through art
79 Working Wardrobes Community Service Kloes, Greg Mr. 205 Wednesday Lunch Weekly Mazhar, Elika & Roberts, Krista & Krolik, Kiana raise money to help men and women rejoin the work force
80 Yoga Club Common Interest Gonalons, Madame 207 n/a Lunch Weekly Parsey, May & Hastey, Alicia raise money for Camp Harmony which provies activities for underpriveleged children
81 Young Democrats Club Political Awareness Fauver, Bill Mr. 200 Weds. Lunch Weekly Gold, Gabrielle & Simmons, Amie promote the mission of the Democratic Party
82 Young Entrepreneurs Common Interest Barden, Katherine Ms. 77 Fridays Lunch Weekly Hanley, Jessica & Glasser, Carina
83 Young Republican Club Political Awareness Vaughan, Shannon Mrs. 18 Tuesday Lunch Weekly Goldenberg, Emily & Martucci, Jordan discuss politics
84 Young Republicans Club Political Awareness Fauver, Bill Mr. 18 Tuesday Lunch Weekly Burke, John promote the Republican Party