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Bienvenidos! I began studying Spanish in the seventh grade and discovered a love for the language. In an effort to become fluent, I spent my junior year of UCLA in Madrid, Spain, and thus began a life-long love of Spain's culture and language. After receiving my Masters Degree and Teaching Credential from Pepperdine, I began my teaching career at Mira Costa and have been here ever since.

I tell my students that out of all of the courses they will take in high school, Spanish is one that I can almost guarantee they will use in their future career. My goal for every student is that they become inspired to continue their Spanish studies throughout high school and into college and beyond.

In addition to teaching and acting as co-chair for our department, I lead a yearly trip to Spain over Spring Break. In doing this I am able to expose students to real-life language and culture, and they see first-hand what they can accomplish with their level of fluency. Many of my students go on to study abroad in college, which is what keeps me motivated to continue making a difference!