Past and Present Documentation

Past WASC Reports
Includes prior-identified learner outcomes, discussion of programs and curriculum, and reflection on idenfitied needs.
Can be found in the document above, but selected out for specific focus.
Includes revised school and community profile, as well as visiting committee reflections and critical areas of need.
School and District Vision and Goals
Links to school and district accountability information, with introduction and published reports and documentation (includes School Site Council and related plans).
Published on the school website, for the 2019-2020 school year (to be updated for the WASC visiting year).
Via the district website, includes 2016-2017 goals (see below for current goals).
Updated yearly; will but updated for the WASC visiting year as well.
Includes relevant information and reflections of special education services district-wide; important to the WASC process as we seek to address district-identified areas of need and align to all relevant, inclusive learner needs.
Local Control Accountability Plan, which is a tool for schools/districts to set goals and align plans to available resources within a given time frame so as to address specifically identified learner outcomes; new WASC processes seek clear alignment of district and school goals with these LCAP reports in mind.
2019-2022 WASC Report and Data Collection
Current progress on the finalized document in all draft forms will be updated here upon completion.
Updates Soon.
Past Collection
Anonymous form--feedback from students, parents, and staff in relation to prior goals as outlined by the mid-cycle visiting committee. This reflections asks stakeholder to volunteer information regarding the school's focus and growth in the areas identified at the three-year mark. This information will be used to complete Chapter 1 of the report, which focuses on such reflections--data will be aggregated in order to provide a holistic picture. This information will also be used to derive focused prompts for all Chapter 3 meetings for the rest of the process.
To access and submit with emails outside of, please contact leadership.
Faculty and staff will be asked to complete a series of observations of student activity in a variety of environments: while in classrooms, during breaks, in extra-curricular activities, etc. The goal of these 'snapshots' is to provide an objective view of what students are currently doing (or being asked to do) on campus, as well as provide data that will support the establishment of our school student-learner outcomes, which will become a foundational part of the development of school-wide needs that will drive policy and practice goals by the end of the self study. Staff will complete three of these observations throughout the year, in classrooms (own and other), and outside of the classroom environment (club meetings, extra-curricular events, etc) due 14 February, 3 April, 5 June (and can be completed in any order for diversity of views of the campus).