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Hello and welcome to math with Mr. Kelley.  I am excited about the upcoming school year and all the new faces that I get to know better. I have been teaching at Costa for the last 14 years and have taught everything ranging from Algebra 1 through Pre-Calculus. I began my career back east teaching in my home state of Connecticut my first 5 years. I attended Springfield College for my Bachelor's in Math and received my Masters Degree in Special Education from Southern Connecticut State University.

This year I hope that we can continue to create the interactive environment where we utilize the strengths of communication and work together in small groups and as a class.  My job is to support and enhance the aspects of how you learn and create an experience that expands on your mathematical knowledge.  I will be using powerschool and you will be able to see your progress throughout the semester.  I hope that each of the students get actively involved in class and learns to ask questions and engage in the process of learning.  The answers are important but sometimes the process which is used to derive that answer will carry on in the class and with overall mathematical understanding.  Please encourage the students to ask questions when something is not understood. We will utilize class time to the fullest doing a lot of the work while I am accessible for answering things.  I'm looking forward to an interactive learning place where we problem solve and discover all sorts of things about each other and math throughout the school year.