Thank you for visiting my home page. I have been at Mira Costa High School for thirteen years as a School Psychologist. Prior to Mira Costa, I spent five years at Manhattan Beach Middle School as School Psychologist. Primarily, I work with students in the Special Education program who are referred for Counseling Services. I also conduct Psychoeducational Assessments for Mira Costa Students who are referred by parents and Student Study Teams.

My background includes a Bachelor's Degree from UC Santa Barbara, a Master's Degree from Pepperdine University, and two post-Master's programs: PPS Credential in School Psychology and Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. I have served in private practice as a Licensed Educational Psychologist for the past 13 years.

I am actively involved in the Spirit of Mira Costa by serving as club sponsor for the Black Scholars Club for the past nine years on campus. I am also the coordinator for the HEART program (Helping Educate Acts of Respect Together) for the past six years, which addresses positive behaviors and community service for students for our campus.