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AP & Honors Policy

AP/Honors policy
  • Pre-requisites for AP/Honors courses are listed under each course heading. Grade requirements listed in the pre-requisites must be met for both semesters in a year-long course.
  • Students are allowed to appeal and schedule for an AP/Honors course by waiver if they fail to meet the pre-requisites by one letter grade. Students earning a D or F in a pre-requisite course are disqualified from enrollment in the respective AP/Honors course.
  • In order to be scheduled into an AP/Honors course in which a student does not meet the pre-requisites, the student must fully complete the waiver process. This must be completed prior to the summer before the AP/Honors course begins. This includes: a departmental evaluation, skills assessment, standardized test scores, and grades from the prerequisite courses.
  • Transfer students entering directly into AP/Honors course from another school must also meet the pre-requisites for the prospective course.
  • The add drop policy for all courses (including AP/Honors)
  • The add/drop window for all courses ends the Friday after the 1st quarter progress report grades are posted (5 week mark).
  • Grades earned in a dropped course follow the student into the newly added course if the new course is in the same subject area.