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MUN Conferences

Your student will be invited to participate in a conference by their teachers. Please contact the teachers if you would like to get an idea of the travel schedule for the school year.

Away conferences: Students are invited to away conferences with a written invitation from the teachers. Students and parents need to sign and return the invitation and provide a deposit by the date specified in the invitation. Next step communications including balance due and flight/hotel information will be sent via email as the trip approaches.

Local conferences: Students sign up for these conferences in class. Both Intro and Advance Model United Nations Students are welcome to attend, but slots are limited. There is often a small fee for students in the Intro class to attend local conferences, plus a permission slip. Students enrolled in the advanced program are covered by their class participation fee. Buses departing from Mira Costa take students to and from the local conferences. Students should not drive separately unless prior approval is received from teachers.

LAIMUN: Los Angeles Invitational Model United Nations is a two-day conference held and hosted by Mira Costa and takes place in December. Both novice and advanced committees will use docket style debate. LAIMUN’s novice committees will continue to provide delegates a quality conference to develop skills, while the advanced committees will serve as a forum for more competitive debate.
Click LAIMUN Details for event information and registration.
Both parents and students should plan on participating in this local conference and fundraiser.​