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MUN Conferences

Your student will be invited to participate in conferences by their advisors. A conference calendar will be emailed to parents and students at the beginning of each semester.

Travel conferences: Students are invited to travel conferences via a written invitation from the advisors. Students must sign and return the invitation and provide a deposit by the date specified in the invitation. Next step communications including balance due and trip details will be sent via email as the trip approaches.

Local conferences: Students sign up for these conferences in class. Both Intro and Advanced Model UN students are welcome to attend, but spots may be limited. There is a fee for students in the Intro class to attend local conferences, plus a permission slip. Buses departing from Mira Costa take students to and from the local conferences. Students may not drive separately unless prior approval is obtained from an advisor.

LAIMUN: Los Angeles Invitational Model United Nations (LAIMUN) is a two day fundraising conference hosted by Mira Costa the first weekend in December. Both novice and advanced committees will use docket style debate. LAIMUN’s novice committees provide delegates a quality conference to develop skills, while the advanced committees serve as a forum for more competitive debate. LAIMUN provides an opportunity for parents who volunteer during the event to experience a Model UN conference.
Click LAIMUN Details for event information and registration.