Costa STEM Night


Mira Costa’s annual Community STEM Night hosts exciting interactive projects, expert talks and innovative demos for the whole family and the wider community. The event is suitable for students of all ages, and we welcome exhibitors and participants from our elementary and middle schools in addition to Costa.

STEM exhibits and activities are hosted by leading companies, colleges and community organizations as well as Mira Costa clubs and classes. Activities/demos and masterclasses/interviews span a broad range of diverse topics, such as space exploration, aerospace engineering, sports technology, plant and marine science, art & design technology, music and recording technologies, environmental science, biotechnology, virtual/augmented reality, cybersecurity, health & wellness technology, gaming & entertainment and, of course, the wide variety of career opportunities under the pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

If any students/parents have booth/activities/speaker suggestions, have interest in sponsoring activities or volunteering at the event, please email