Important Dates

Spring 2022 Membership Drive will begin January 12, 2022 
The DEADLINE is January 31, 2022


 The application will be online.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, if you have great grades you may be eligible

to become a CSF Member. 

Freshmen may apply for Associate membership.

Associate membership does not count toward becoming a seal bearer. 

Keep up the good work Costa!

You will be looking at your January 2022 grades for eligibility.
CSF Eligibility 
You need a minimum of 3 "A"s and 1 "B" to be eligible, and "Pass" will be accepted this semester only.
Sorry P.E., Sports and TA don't count.
(A "D" or an "F" in any course will disqualify you for that semester.)
Citizenship counts in CSF!
If you receive an "N" or "U" in citizenship, you are disqualified for that semester.
Read the bulletin for more information.
      (Associate Membership does NOT count towards becoming a Life Member.)
For more information email Karen Cunningham - [email protected]